About us

Robert’s Story

It began with a shift in values and a desire for simplicity.

Sonny Roberts had spent more than ten years in the corporate world, first as a stockbroker and then in the food and beverage industry. Wanting to start a family, and recognizing that the hours associated with restaurant management left no time for a personal life, Robert and his wife made the decision to return to their home state of Colorado in 1997.

Casting about for what to do next, Robert founded a small business of his own repairing swamp coolers, a skill that had been necessary to learn because the coolers atop many of the restaurants he’d managed broke down regularly. This new endeavor was successful from the start; not only that, but Andy discovered that grateful homeowners frequently asked him if he could take a look at other problems they were having around the house. This convinced him that there was a vastly underserved market in the home repair field, and he began researching the idea of expanding the business and so was born Roberts Express, a single entity that evolved into Roberts home services.

In the two decades since, The Roberts home services Franchise Organization has expanded from coast to coast while continuing to embrace the same values and concepts. Business should never come at the expense of family life, or of allowing personal time for either owners or their employees. Success is measured not just in financial gain, but also in quality of life.

Our Craftsmen must uphold a strong work ethic and demonstrate that they will always work with and for you by being:

Our Guarantee:

Quality craftsmanship, superior service and pride in our work is what drives Roberts home services. Our guarantee is if there is ever an issue or problem, we’ll return and make sure it’s done to your satisfaction in a workman like manner.

A Message From Our Founder, Sonny Roberts

“It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly two decades since I first set out to build a company that would bring ethics and integrity to the home improvement industry. I am humbled to see how we are redefining what it means to repair, restore, and remodel our customers’ most valued possession. Our expert Craftsmen, exceptional service, and respect to our customers and their homes, only feeds our passion of helping them love their home.”

“Like It’s Our Home” Promise

Our pledge to you is simple.

We will treat your home, “like it’s our own”.

Our commitment—promising that you, our customer and your home are our number one priority—is not taken lightly. Our promise goes beyond your home. It encompasses your time, your privacy, and your family. Trust Roberts home services to treat you and your home with the respect you deserve.

You Can Expect:

1. Our Craftsmen will respect your home by always:

Respecting your privacy and your personal space.

Wearing booties and/or removing their shoes.

Committing to not smoking while on your premises.

Placing protective materials down to protect floors and walls from damage.

Cleaning up after our job, removing debris and leaving your home better than when we arrived.

Providing a written change order for you to approve for any hidden damage or problems not visible when we gave you the anticipated costs – no surprises!

2. Our Craftsmen and offices will never do or suggest “un-necessary” work.
3. Our Craftsmen and offices will OVER-communicate with you before, during and after any projects.
4. You will never be asked for an advance deposit for small to medium sized jobs that do not contain specialty ordered items.

Our History

The first Roberts home services office was in the basement of Andy’s Denver home, where he conducted business from a sheet of plywood placed atop an unused pool table. On that spot, he opened a phone book and began calling people randomly to ask two questions: “What are the biggest frustrations you experience when dealing with a repairman doing work in your home?” and “What would make the experience better?” Some 200 calls later, a clear pattern had emerged, and Andy was on his way to creating a more customer-friendly home repair business based on a simple credo:

We show up on time, looking and behaving in a courteous, professional manner, communicating clearly with our customers about every aspect of the job, and leaving the area cleaner than before we arrived.

The results were immediate—and overwhelmingly positive, so much so that Andy was encouraged enough to open a second office in Boulder a year later. He further proved the durability of the concept by testing it in California with three additional locations. The success there led to the decision to franchise the concept. Roberts home services currently has 125 territories in 23 states.

“When we began, ‘handyman’ wasn’t even a category in the phone book,” Andy says. “I’m proud of the fact that we helped initiate that listing as a professional concept, one that has slowly gained acceptance and added respectability.”

Our Culture

Work is a place where the average person spends roughly one-third of their day; therefore, it should be an environment that’s fun and welcoming, as well as inspiring and productive. This is one of the core values upon which Roberts home services is founded.

“Everyone needs to have a good work-life balance in order to be at their most productive,” Andy insists. “People work to the best of their abilities in an environment of trust and mutual respect. And everyone deserves that—co-workers, customers, vendors, and all the people with whom we have contact.”

Roberts home services consistently stresses that everybody has a stake—and a voice—in the way we conduct our business. It’s a concept made clear to every person looking to join the Roberts home services TEAM, whether as an employee or a franchise owner. “We’re all working toward the same goal, and you cannot have success for one if you don’t have success for all.”

Your Home. Our Expertise.

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