The basement is a fantastic area that often goes under-utilized and somewhat forgotten by homeowners. Whether currently finished or not, the experts at Roberts home services have the skills, expertise and ideas to help you make that basement a true asset for your family and your home.

We can perform simple projects to full renovations and remodels. Call us today to start your basement project.

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Related Packages

Storage & Organization

Basements typically have a large amount of space available for storage, allowing you to de-clutter other areas of your home. We can work with you to make this space useful and easier to store and then locate all of your stuff!

Let us:

  • Install or Replace Shelving Units and Racking
  • Build custom shelving
  • Install Closet Shelving
  • Build Book Case
  • Mount a TV
  • Assemble Furniture, Entertainment Center, And Dresser

Roberts home services has the experts to organize your basement! Call today.

Drywall, Interior Trim & Painting

Finished and un-finished basements possess different projects that can be completed in order to improve and beautify the space. Call our office today to review the type of basement you have and what we can do for you!

Our experts can be counted on for:

  • Finished Basement:
    • Drywall Repair
    • Drywall Texturing
    • Painting
    • Interior Trim Installation & Repair
  • Unfinished Basement:
    • Framing
    • Drywall Installation
    • Painting
    • Interior Trim Installation
    • Flooring


Basements are considered to be an area of the home associated with darkness. Typically lacking natural light, the lighting needs in a basement can be unique.

We can install, repair or upgrade the lighting in your basement as well as any rooms in your basement, including the stairway entrance and hall.

  • Install Can Lights
  • Install Track Lighting
  • Install Traditional Lighting
  • Install, repair or upgrade all light fixtures.

Call us today to illuminate your basement!

Window Wells

Most basements, in order to meet local and state code, have numerous window wells. These are crucial to your safety and exit planning if ever needed.

They also allow in some natural light, and with windows are a potential source of frustration due to the aesthetics as well as critters, trash and snow being visible at times.

Roberts home services can assist you with services to make your window wells attractive.

  • Install Window Well covers to keep those critters, trash and weather elements out.
  • Apply Window Well liners to add a unique touch to your home.

Call today to discuss window well options with us!

Stairs & Handrails

We want to make sure your ability to go down and back up to your basement is as safe as possible.

Roberts home services can repair, replace or upgrade your staircase and handrails to add safety, functionality and a sense of confidence for your family. New treads or risers, update the angle of your stairs make it easier, or establish a landing, we can help!

Visit our Stairs Service Page here, or call us today!

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