Living room

Your living room is your escape. It’s where you go when it’s time to put the day behind you and forget about your work and responsibilities. It’s your sacred place to relax.

Let Roberts home services help convert your ordinary living room into a peaceful getaway. Somewhere you look forward to putting your feet up, a beautiful space for entertaining, or a great room for spending quality time with family. Don’t let the small things prevent you from having the perfect living room to meet your lifestyle needs, let us do if for you!

Contact Roberts home services for your next living room project and create a special space that you look forward to spending time in at the end of each day.

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Roberts home services has all of your flooring needs covered. Whether you’re looking to replace old, matted carpet with a new color and style, or rip up carpet and lay wood floors or tile down in its place, updated flooring is a great way to revamp your bedroom without breaking the bank.

No matter what your taste may be, call us today to turn your tired bedroom into a more current and comfortable space.


The walls in your living room are key to the beauty of your home. Typically, this is where you show off your family with pictures, or that favorite piece of art.

To ensure the best, we can complete a number of tasks so your living room walls are at their best.

  • Fresh Coat of Paint
  • Paint an accent wall
  • Drywall and Hole Repair
  • Mount a TV
  • Hang Pictures and Art
  • And many more…

Call us for a Half Day Package to get your living room ready for your family and guests today!

Drywall, Interior Trim & Painting

A few of the best ways to add new life to your living room is to conduct basic repairs and small upgrades. Our skilled Craftsman can complete a variety of these tasks for you in one setting, allowing you to enjoy your new space and relax knowing it is being done by the professionals.

  • Drywall repairs
  • Paint
  • Trim Installation
  • Crown Moulding
  • And many more…

Call today!


The lighting and light fixtures in any living room have a big impact on the functionality and enjoyment factor. Too bright or not enough light can be annoying. Old, outdated fixtures can reduce the pride in your home.

Let the Pro’s at Ace Handyman Services upgrade the lighting in your living room. Our quality Craftsmanship will shine through and brighten up your living room!

  • Ceiling Fans and Light
  • Can Lights
  • Track Lighting
  • Dimmer lighting
  • And many more…

Call Ace Handyman Services today.

TV Mounting

Televisions today come in a large variety of sizes and styles. Mounting a TV for optimal viewing pleasure as well as to save on space has become a common taks in most homes.

We ensure your investment in a new HDTV is rewarded with the perfect placement and quality mount on your living room wall.

  • Quality Installation
  • U-channel installation to hide cords
  • Space Saving

Let Ace Handyman Services get that TV mounted today.

Picture Hanging

While many may think hanging a picture is an easy task, those that have tried may disagree. Our professionals have the tools, experience and pride to properly hang those pictures and artwork so they are sturdy and beautiful all at the same time.

  • Quality Hanging
  • Ensure level and aligned to your needs
  • We have the tools needed for the job
  • At Ace Handyman Services hang those pictures and artwork today!

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